About Us

At  Reading Made Easy, we specialize in educational materials designed to facilitate the process of literacy instruction. Our approach revolves around using synthetic phonics, a proven technique for imparting permanent literacy in kids. By infusing an element of enjoyment, we strive to inculcate in young children the skills to develop fluency in reading. 

Our vision, ” Empowering Futures Through Functional Literacy, ” drives us to create a world where every child discovers the magic within the pages of a book, setting the stage for a lifetime of learning and exploration. 

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Our Vision

Empowering Futures Through Functional Literacy

Our Mission

Revolutionizing literacy with innovative materials and programs, using phonics to empower joyful and fluent young readers.

Our Values

Innovation: We embrace creativity and continually explore new ways to enhance literacy education and materials.

Quality: We are committed to producing high-quality educational materials and programs that make a lasting impact on literacy instruction.

Inclusivity: We strive to make literacy accessible to all, celebrating diversity in our materials and approaches.

Evidence-Based: We base our methods on research and proven techniques.

Passion: We are deeply passionate about our mission to transform education and make reading an exciting journey.

Adaptability: We stay flexible to evolving educational needs, continuously improving our resources to meet new challenges 

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